Planning For Travel in 2021 – FAQ

by | May 11, 2020

  • Wondering what will happen to your 2020 Journey?
  • Worried about your 2021 destination?
  • Want to discuss your options?

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All clubs should now have received their Journey matches for 2021 and their It’s a Match emails that include the contact information for all the clubs involved in each Journey. If you have not yet received these details please contact

We are hoping that travel will be back to normal (or as normal as possible) by next year but we are aware that it may not be. With the advice below we are assuming that international travel will have resumed by 2021. Please continue to follow the travel advice of your respective governments. It is also a good idea to be in contact with your host clubs about the situation in their country.


Can we undertake our canceled/postponed 2020 Journey in 2021?

FFI is asking clubs to either cancel their 2020 Journeys outright or postpone them to 2022. We do not want 2020 Journeys interfering with or delaying 2021 Journeys. If you do wish to postpone a Journey to 2022 please include this information on the 2022 matching forms when they are sent out later in the year.

However, there is an exception. If all clubs involved in the 2020 Journey (ambassadors and hosts) agree to conduct the postponed Journey in addition to their scheduled 2021 Journeys then that is okay with us.

Please do not cancel scheduled 2021 Journeys in favor of postponed 2020 Journeys as this will have a domino effect on other clubs’ Journeys.


Our club is unsure about taking a Journey next year or traveling to a particular destination

Please continue to monitor the advice from health authorities. If your club does not wish to travel on their Outbound Journey please advise FFI as soon as possible so that the hosting can be reassigned to another club.

If your club does not wish to host their Inbound Journey please let the ambassador club know before they make any travel arrangements.


What are our other options for 2021?

If your club would like to cancel their international Journey and replace it with a domestic or regional Journey please contact Planning. This may or may not be possible depending on hosting availability in the region you wish to travel to.

Any other questions can be sent to

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