Greetings From the Board of Directors

by | Jan 22, 2021

Congratulations, members everywhere, for staying engaged with the organization throughout 2020 when Friendship Force was unable to offer you the very experiences for which you joined our wonderful organization.

Thank you to everyone who has already renewed their membership for 2021. If you have not yet done so, please think seriously about continuing to support your organization while COVID-19 is unresolved. This year you will see innovation and exciting news as we work toward increasing our membership and introducing inspiring new online programs.

Your loyalty is valued and your belief in our mission of working toward a more peaceful and understanding world is at the very heart of all we do.

We know that communication with our members is very, very important. In 2021, our New Year’s Resolution is to do even better. Already there have been 3 board meetings this year – one for the Executive Committee, one for the Finance Committee and one for the whole International Board of Directors. We have introduced 4 new board members, all with precisely the expertise and knowledge which will enable us to take those steps necessary to return us to full operations as soon as is humanly possible.

Progress will not stop there. One good thing about 2020 was that it created a pause in which we could consider how to move forward as a marketplace leader offering opportunities for intercultural travel and hosting. Friendship Force is unique – we intend that it stays so. Two things we can already share with you: watch for the member ‘sign in’ facility next month, and a much improved, beautiful, multilingual website to follow later in the year.

The whole Board, and the staff, remain in awe of the amazing generosity demonstrated by our membership, allowing us to continue operating until the situation returns to normal. There are no words to adequately reflect our gratitude.

As your International Board of Directors, we plan to communicate with you regularly throughout the year. Please keep an eye out for these communications. We are not able to circulate information about matters which are not yet fully resolved by the Board, however, we will answer every question you send us.

Bobbie Mulholland, past Board Chair – on behalf of the FFI Board of Directors

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