Continuing Our Journey | Campaign Update

by | May 11, 2020

Facing an unprecedented global crisis, Friendship Force members around the world have stepped up in a big way to ensure that the organization they care about survives this pandemic. Uncertainty continues to define our day-to-day existence, as citizens and governments struggle to find a “new normal.” In the midst of this, however, is assurance that our mission of increasing global cultural understanding and peace through the simple act of friendship will continue for years to come, well beyond COVID-19. Every donation is more than an expression of financial support, it proves that the collective efforts of many can make a tremendous impact. For this campaign, it is about saving FFI, but as Friendship Force members, we are all familiar with how together we can make a big difference. Thank you!

AU$39,640Australian dollars
CA$43,837Canadian dollars
NZ$28,420New Zealand dollars
US$342,233United States dollars
JP¥5,985,000Japanese yen

As of June 2020, Friendship Force clubs and members have raised more than $435,000 USD ensuring that Friendship Force can navigate the unpredictability of the pandemic’s impact with greater confidence while also continuing to build for a stronger future. Navigating uncertainty makes building solid plans for the future challenging. Every dollar raised plants FFI on more stable financial grounding ensuring FFI is here for the future!


Links to information on specific regional campaigns can be found below:

CANADA                          INDONESIA                  GERMANY           LATIN AMERICA

BRAZIL                                 JAPAN                      AUSTRALIA

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